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We help our neighbors in the following ways: Help with basic needs such as food, help with rent and utility bills, help with school supplies, help in finding work, help in improving employment potential.

What We Do

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The primary mission of CARES is to provide Food and Financial Assistance on a temporary basis to those families in Pickens County that are in need and qualify for our help. Although there is a qualification process involved in becoming a CARES client, there is never any charge for the assistance provided.

CARES provides comprehensive support for our clients by providing counseling on how to improve their condition after the crisis has past. During the time assistance is being received by our clients, however, they could be required to perform work assignments at various charities in the county as a condition of receiving either food or financial support.

To review the qualifications and conditions for receiving our assistance, please click on either Food Assistance or Financial Assistance shown on the left side of this page. To learn more about what we do, click on the online presentation below.


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