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We help our neighbors in the following ways: Help with basic needs such as food, help with rent and utility bills, help with school supplies, help in finding work, help in improving employment potential.

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Every three months, Richard Vaughn, Executive Director of CARES, authors a newsletter summarizing our accomplishments and highlighting a Volunteer of the Month who had contributed greatly to our success! Click on the Newsletter button to the left to read current and past articles.


Number of Americans Going Hungry Increases
 In an article published on November 16, 2009 by from the Associated Press and compiled by the USDA, the statistics revealed are
sobering concerning the number of Americans going hungry.  In 2008, more than one in seven households struggled to put enough food on the
table.  That’s about 49 million people. 

America's Second Harvest

Food provides the foundation for success and growth in life. America's Second Harvest Network provides food assistance to 25 million people each year, including nearly nine million children. Through the power of our Network of emergency food providers, every dollar you donate provides 16 meals, and the hope of a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow.


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